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Groove Masterclasses

Groove Masterclasses

Study in-depth groove concepts to expand your arsenal! Linear Grooves, Shuffles, Using Rudiments, Ghosting, Odd Time, and more!

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Groove Masterclasses
  • Ghosts in Grooves Masterclass

    Intermediate | Explore of method of bringing ghosts notes into your basic grooves, with your left hand.

  • Groove Illusion Masterclass

    Advanced | Learn a polyrhythmic concept that can be used in almost every genre of music. From pop to metal, this is a must-learn!

  • Left Hand Hat Barking Masterclass

    Intermediate/Advanced | When playing grooves on the ride cymbal, learn to use your left hand to bark the hi hat for a tasteful groove trick.

  • Linear Grooves 101 Masterclass

    Beginner/Intermediate | An introduction to some tasteful linear exercises and grooves.

  • Linear Groove 102 Masterclass

    Intermediate/Advanced | More challenging linear grooves. Mixed subdivisions, dynamic changes, tricky patterns and more!

  • Modern Metal Masterclass

    Advanced | Explore a variety of fills and grooves in a modern metal style. Focused on grooves and fills throughout.

  • Odd Time 101 Masterclass

    Intermediate | Explore basic grooves in odd time signatures, and the math involved to understand how they work!
    - 5/4
    - 7/8
    - 9/8
    - 3/4
    - 6/8

  • Inverted Doubles Masterclass

    Intermediate | Learn to use this classic rudiment variation for tons of useful grooves and fills.

  • Samba 101 Masterclass

    Learn the basics of this tasteful Latin foot pattern. Major independence builder!

  • The Shuffle Masterclass

    Intermediate | Learn the fundamentals of this classic groove, and expand your arsenal of triplet patterns.

  • Kick Drum 101 Masterclass

    Exercises to free up your right foot, and start adding creative kicks to your grooves and fills.

  • Kick Drum 102 Masterclass

    More exercises to further free the right foot, and give you more creative options, with a focus on groove.

  • Kick Drum 103 Masterclass

    Go further down the rabbit hole in these upper-intermediate kick drum permutations, with a focus on groove.

  • Left Foot 101 Masterclass

    Beginner | Take the first steps towards left foot independence with these fundamental groove exercises.

  • Left Foot 102 Masterclass

    Intermediate | Ramp up the difficulty and take your independence even further!

  • Left Foot 103 Masterclass

    Advanced | Give your left foot a mind of its own with these tricky independence challenges.