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Lesson Packs

  • Groove Lesson Packs

    4 seasons

    Similar to Adam's YouTube lessons, these courses help expand your groove arsenal with detailed breakdowns of many different groove styles. Whether you're looking to free up your kick drum, bring in the ghost notes, or tackle advanced linear patterns, the Groove Lesson Packs are an awesome place t...

  • Song Study Lesson Packs

    3 seasons

    Extensive breakdowns of Adam's Meinl performance videos.

  • Drum Fill Lesson Packs

    6 seasons

    Watch all Drum Fill Lesson Packs here. Most similar to Adam's YouTube Lessons, these videos contain step by step instructions to help you work towards a more complete arsenal of drum fills. Use these Packs to test your skills across a wide variety of drum fill challenges and exercises.

  • Career & Creator Lesson Packs

    3 seasons